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  1. To overcome this problem, we propose a distance-based index defined for each establishment, rather than one based on data aggregated per administrative unit level, as a measurement of agglomeration using micro-location (latitude and longitude) information from METI’s Census of Manufactures.
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  2. El ejemplo de los «gangs» en EEUU y su captura de las administraciones no me parece del todo acertado por la diferencia en los factores que intervienen en el equilibrio en los dos casos.
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  3. ¡Vaya!
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  4. Vaya.
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  5. «The real damage imposed by men such as Mr Mubarak is not the money they might have stolen. The tragedy is that the system that enables them to steal it destroys opportunities for others to generate wealth – not only for themselves but for the whole population.»

    «Sir Thomas More and Oliver Cromwell would probably have been successful leaders of great corporations, but that was not what they did, nor what it made sense for them to do.»
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  6. «A partir de 2013 el deterioro institucional será rapidísimo, pues el efecto de una crisis económica tan profunda como la actual, de no estimular la economía, tiene 3 efectos sociales y políticos muy definidos.»
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  7. «La Comisión Europea ha lanzado este martes la campaña informativa 'Queremos negociar' con el objetivo de animar a las empresas a aumentar el número de prácticas para jóvenes como forma de mejorar sus capacidades y con ellas su perspectiva de incorporarse al mercado laboral en el actual contexto de crisis, que está afectando mucho más a los jóvenes.»
  8. «Sergey Brin’s not a happy man. Talking about the threats to the open web, the Google co-founder seems to be in defensive mood — taking shots at everyone from China and Saudi Arabia to the entertainment industry to Facebook and Apple (AAPL).»
  9. «Si no tuviera ni dinero ni sueldo fijo, lo que haría serían las maletas. A un país civilizado y donde tengas oportunidades para prosperar, como Singapur o Australia, por ejemplo.»
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  10. "He wants Hungary to be Singapore under Lee Kwan Yew," one prominent Hungarian businessman told me. "The only problem is that Orbán is not Lee Kwan Yew."

    "Fidesz is based on him. It's his personal story, from 1989, since his speech at the funeral of Imre Nagy."

    Rumor has it, says Eörsi, that Orbán keeps signed resignation letters for each of the party's MPs in his safe: all the prime minister has to do is fill in the date.

    Many of Orbán's critics attribute his illiberal shift to personal background, identifying a sort of Nixonian resentment of elites borne from his rural upbringing. Orbán grew up in the countryside, the son of a miner who was a loyal member of the communist party.

    Orbán's critics and fans do agree on one thing: he thrives on conflict.

    Orbán acknowledged that Fidesz's unorthodox economic policies can be found in "none of the economics books." No matter, Orbán told him: "Somewhere in the near future they will write a book using the Hungarian example."

    "The most important thing to know about Orbán is that he is the best and the most effective in a conflict. He doesn't like peace, he doesn't like normality," says Eörsi. "He cannot stop fighting. Like a shark, he cannot stop eating.",0
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