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  1. AngularJS is a flexible JavaScript MVC framework for building rich client-side applications. AngularJS is a framework, not a JavaScript library like jQuery. You still may need to have a server-side backend, but most of the user-interactivity logic will be delegated to the client-side. Other frameworks deal with HTML’s shortcomings by either abstracting away HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript or by providing an imperative way for manipulating the DOM. Neither of these address the root problem that HTML was not designed for dynamic views.
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  2. muy interesante
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  3. para cargar ODF y PDF embebidos en tu web sin tener que cargar Node.js en el servidor.
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  4. versión usable en cualquier web del plugin para wordpress
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  5. When you think about it, the whole mission of the browser is to read data over HTTP in multiple simultaneous threads! That this isn't trivially simple in the scripting language for the web, JavaScript, is costing us an enormous amount of time and money.
    Unless I'm missing something obvious, which is why I'm writing this post (but I don't think I am).
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  6. -
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  7. In Drupal, we could create a block that uses drupal_http_request() to fetch the data, then passes its results to a theme function that renders it. That is simple and maintainable, but why does Drupal needs to take care of this? There is no database involved, nor session management. If our site relies on caching to improve performance, we'll have to clear that cache whenever the block's content is updated.

    Instead, let's move this to pure JavaScript and HTML so the client's browser will be the one in charge of fetching, processing and caching the data.
  8. un editor cojonudo a poco que se embeba en una aplicación que permita manejar varios outlines abiertos (de serie maneja sólo uno, ellos en Fargo lo depuran más... pero Fargo no es libre).

    Esto es buenísimo, con algo de trabajo es una herramienta colaborativa tremenda
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  9. Here’s some things the page does that might not be obvious at first glance:

    Responsive design so it works on phones
    Screenshots and logos are fully retinafied
    SVG images for some of the logos
    Self-serve web fonts
    Hover over the top area with the piecharts and you see an animated tooltip popping up, just as in Freckle (this is done with just CSS)
    The “screencast” further down the page is an animated GIF at retina resolution (biggest asset on the page at 386K)
    The press logos under the plan selection are using webkit-filter to show them in greyscale (hint: add -webkit-transform: translateZ(0) so this works correctly on retina screens on Safari)

    Now, you could use JavaScript for many of these things—swapping out images for retina screens, using hosted web fonts that may require a JavaScript-based loader (and another DNS lookup), animating the tooltip, have a Flash and/or HTML5-based, JavaScript-controlled video playing.

    But, guess what, browsers these days have a lot of super useful stuff built-in so you don’t need to (and yes, the site will horribly fail on Internet Explorer before version 9, but we don’t target that crowd anyway as Freckle is not compatible with those).

    The result? Next to that it obviously loads pretty fast, PageSpeed Insights gives the page a 95/100 score.
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  10. We put Mozilla's JavaScript subset—asm.js—to the test.

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