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  1. La nueva criptodivisa de moda en sitios que sustituyeron al desaparecido Silk Road
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  3. “For the first time in Bitcoin’s five-year history, a single entity has repeatedly provided more than half of the total computational power required to mine new digital coins, in some cases for sustained periods of time. It’s an event that, if it persists, signals the end of the crypto currency’s decentralized structure.
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  4. SE considera trueque y no te libras de pagar impuestos si pagas algo con ellos
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    Mt. Gox is now proud to be supported by Akamai, meaning that is hosted on thousands of servers all around the world, connecting our customers at their local level. Not only does this massively increase our protection, but since the transition the performance and speed of has been greatly improved. Both factors are very important for the next few items.
    Structurally we've moved from being a hosted service to being entirely self-hosted, meaning that we have much more flexibility in what we want to do and have full control of our data center. This is a major step up for Mt. Gox in our evolution.

    Trade Engine Midas
    Our new trading engine is finished and soon to be deployed after a couple of hardware updates. Code-named "Midas", we're currently bench-testing the engine at over 500,000 trades per second, but Midas is capable of much more than that. We're really looking forward to showing you what it can do, and are pretty certain you'll love it too.
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  9. Irreversible transactions make Bitcoin security a high-stakes business.
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  10. Un documento muy informativo sobre Bitcoin
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