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  1. Los datos son valiosos cuando se procesan. Pero la mayoría de empresas (ya ni hablar de personas) no tienen los medios para adquirir ni para procesar esos datos. Lo que necesitan es datos ya procesados... de ahí la analogía con la gasolina, mejor que la trillada analogía con el petróleo.
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  2. I remember the first time I saw a try-catch block. It seemed like a magical, AI-style instruction, filled with the kind of confident vagueness you expect from instructions one gives to humans, not machines (“stir it around a bit” vs. “move in a circular fashion, clockwise, for 10 seconds.”) After a minute, I understood from context what try actually did, but I still liked that wording. It was so cautious, underpromising, honest: “Do your best, computer.”

    I’d like to see more software try to do a good job of a fuzzy task, let you help it with the last mile, and give you a fallback option. That kind of magic can be more delightful than behind-the-scenes, guess-and-stick-with-it magic we’re often promised.
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  6. Twitter is worthless for the limited purpose of driving traffic to your website, because Twitter is not a portal for outbound links
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  10. Buen y conciso artículo de Eric Lluent sobre Islandia. Contra los memes "basados en hechos reales" que resultan no serlo en absoluto.
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