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  1. La gráfica cuenta una parte, pero lo importante lo cuenta el primer comentario del post:

    HK neither contributes to nor receives funding from the Chinese government. A better indicator would be the amount of capital raised by Chinese companies through HK, which would show a very different picture. The city still plays an important role, not only economically but also symbolically. The people of China and Taiwan are watching with great interest. Remember, social stability matters to the Communist Party more than anything else — and that’s why it matters a great deal that China handles this sensitively. If you’re a Chinese person who dreams of a democratic future, what message does this send? If HK isn’t ready for democracy, how long will it take for China? 50 years? 100? How long are people willing to wait? How much more corruption can they tolerate? These are much more important issues than whether China can afford to live without HK’s GDP. China is on the back foot here. It won’t back down, of course, but it knows it must tread carefully.
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  4. Ponemos el café en un bol y le añadimos los dientes de ajo machacados, el azúcar, la guindilla troceada sin las semillas y el romero. Cuando la mezcla esté tibia, añadimos la carne cortada en rodajas, mezclamos bien y dejamos marinar durante unas dos horas.

    Pasado este tiempo, calentamos un poco de aceite en una sartén y doramos en ella la carne por los dos lados, añadimos el líquido de la marinada, salpimentamos y dejamos cocer a fuego suave durante unos diez minutos.
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  5. OpenID Connect, nueva especificación compatible con OpenID y con mejoras que permiten que no haya servidor central, y "descubrimiento" de datos a partir de información parcial (por ej. si pones el e-mail, el protocolo identifica tu ID de OpenID completo).

    Google, Microsoft, y Salesforce ya usan este sistema.
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  6. Unfortunately, it's not a very good analogy. There's no real substitute for food - people have to eat. Whether or not you consider high-fructose corn syrup to be food, you can't escape the need for calories to survive. For the analogy to hold, we'd have to replace the entire music industry, or the entire publishing industry, with something free. No one is talking about doing this.

    A better analogy would be if the replicator only made tomatoes. You could have as many tomatoes as you wanted, they'd always be perfect and delicious, and they'd always be free. This would put tomato farmers out of business. But these tomato farmers could likely start growing something else instead. And what happens to the rest of the economy? Pizza and pasta restaurants suddenly find that a major ingredient in many of their dishes just became free. Now, for the same dish, they can charge less, or buy higher quality ingredients, or make more profit. And if you're a really talented cook specializing in tomatoes? Your skills are now in very high demand.
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  9. A black market for an Ebola treatment derived from the blood of survivors is emerging in the West African countries experiencing the worst outbreak of the virus on record
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