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  1. La nueva criptodivisa de moda en sitios que sustituyeron al desaparecido Silk Road
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  3. p>I would like to be part of the Internet where people say what they think, no matter how different, or offensive it may be to some people. Why? I care what people think. img style= float: right; margin-left: 25px; margin-bottom: 15px; max-width: 1442px; height: auto; src= > /p> p>I find I can learn from lots of points of views, even ones I don t support, although having ideas I object to repeated over and over ad nauseam is not what I have in mind. /p> p>The actual Internet I use is becoming a a tabindex= -1 class= underlink bluelink target= _blank href= >monoculture /a>, where ONLY certain points of view are tolerated. More and more so every year. This totally sucks. /p> p>If you force people to stop expressing ideas you don t like, that doesn t mean they go away. And if you can t hear what other people think, you can never change your mind. And you re probably wrong about a few things too, as we all are. i> /i> /p> div style= clear: both; > /div>
    Tags: , , por jose (2014-10-30)
  4. The short answer is this. Like it or not, Facebook exists. #

    Sure I remember a time when they didn't. Had I done things differently perhaps I could be where Zuckerberg is now. But that isn't what I wanted. I envisioned a world where there were lots of totally independent Internet-based news orgs and bloggers, on a level playing field, all learning from each other, and gradually, iteratively inventing the future of news.#

    But it didn't work out that way, for whatever reason. Now Facebook exists, and they are offering to work with us. How can you say no? #
    If you say yes, is it over?

    I don't think so.#

    Go back a few years, when YouTube was first gaining prominence, and consider the panic that went through the television industry. They found an answer, Hulu. And then Netflix, which is a fair compromise.#

    A lot of the TV industry remains intact, in fact it's flourishing. Quite possibly the same way that Facebook and the news industry can co-exist. But we need a Hulu for news, and lots of smaller hubs, analogous to the movie industry's festivals. Open news rooms. Places for independent news efforts to flourish. Bloggers and YouTubers, we're really the same thing. And these days you see a lot of YouTube on networks, on the nightly news and entertainment shows. News has to go through a similar transition. It has to become less exclusive, less elite. This rigidness is doing more harm than Carr's imaginary dog could ever do.#
    Tags: , , por jose (2014-10-27)
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  8. Frommer goes on to list potential challengers to Google’s dominance, but the outcome is clear: Google will continue to dominate, just as IBM has continued to dominate mainframes and Microsoft has continued to dominate the PC. They will be a very profitable company for many years to come. That is why this is not an article about disruption. Rather, the question is if Google might be eclipsed.
    Tags: , , , por jose (2014-10-23)
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