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  2. En todo caso, yo quiero ir un poco más allá y preguntarme si esta es la forma adecuada de resolver el problema: una vez que Facebook te avisa de que algo va mal, ¿no existirá la tentación por parte de los ‘malos’ de hacer avisos similares? ¿Qué se instalará en esos casos en nuestros ordenadores?
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  3. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Amazon, ... no se libra nadie.
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  5. We have no evidence that any of this surveillance makes us safer.

    the loss of privacy, freedom, and liberty is much more damaging to our society than the occasional act of random violence.

    We need to work toward security, even if other countries like China continue to use the Internet as a giant surveillance platform. We need to build a coalition of free-world nations dedicated to a secure global Internet, and we need to continually push back against bad actors -- both state and non-state -- that work against that goal.
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  6. The "problem" with the NetworkManager application is that it stores the details of any connection (Wired, Wi-Fi, VPN, Proxy, etc.) created by the user in some text files, called profiles, under the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ or /etc directory. Many users have reported this functionality as a bug, in the past few years.
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  7. …growing inequality menaces vigorous societies. It is a proxy for how effectively an elite has constructed institutions that extract value from the rest of society. Professor Sam Bowles, also part of the INET network, goes further. He argues that inequality pulls production away from value creation to protecting and securing the wealthy's assets: one in five of the British workforce, for example, works as "guard labour" -- in security, policing, law, surveillance and forms of IT that control and monitor. The higher inequality, the greater the proportion of a workforce deployed as guard workers, who generate little value and lower overall productivity."
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  8. El ataque: ingeniería social a cuenta de la ausencia de estándard en la gestión que las compañías hacen de tu información de tarjeta de crédito (Schneier tiene un gran post sobre esto de hace un par de años, como poco).
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