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  2. Frommer goes on to list potential challengers to Google’s dominance, but the outcome is clear: Google will continue to dominate, just as IBM has continued to dominate mainframes and Microsoft has continued to dominate the PC. They will be a very profitable company for many years to come. That is why this is not an article about disruption. Rather, the question is if Google might be eclipsed.
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  5. It turns out that some contributors* are forking because Node is currently run by a Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL), and these contributors are intested in running it by committee.
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  7. in other words, when you can't use the data Nota: porque los has obtenido sin garantía judicial » , you have to go out and do a parallel construction, means you use what you would normally consider to be investigative techniques, go find the data. You have a little hint, though. NSA is telling you where the data is, it makes you look really good. If you have it quickly. So then you can justify, taking it into court and use that in court. And so I call that perjury. In fact, I call this a 'Planned Program Perjury Policy' run by the Department of Justice of the United States. And, it's not just affecting our democracy, it's subverting our entire court system. It's not only subverting ours, it's subverting everybody's in the world that has a relationship with the FBI or the DEA. So this is infecting entire democracies, all of the world.
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  9. It has become habitual to see people blame others for their own mistakes and stupidity. The music industry blames Spotify, Pandora and Apple. The magazine trade and newspapers blame the Internet/Google/God. France blames Google. Kids blame parents.
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  10. El post habla de Netvibes pero también sirve para Inoreader.

    la clave está en pasar la URL en texto plano como valor del parámetro plainurl y no en intentar pasar la url ya codificada en json
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