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  2. Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python, that requires no database or server-side logic.

    Some of the features include:

    Write your content in reStructuredText, Markdown, or AsciiDoc formats
    Completely static output is easy to host anywhere
    Themes that can be customized via Jinja templates
    Publish content in multiple languages
    Atom/RSS feeds
    Code syntax highlighting
    Import from WordPress, Dotclear, RSS feeds, and other services
    Modular plugin system and corresponding plugin repository

    ... and many other features.
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  5. * Pocos campos
    * Etiquetas de campo justo sobre el campo al que se refieren
    * personaliza el copy del botón de enviar
    * No pidas teléfonos
    * No uses captcha
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  6. Las cuentas públicas son tozudas y con el presupuesto los milagros no existen.

    Eliminando duplicidades de administraciones públicas (fusionando ayuntamientos y quitando diputaciones) reduces como mucho un 1% del gasto. Está bien, pero no es suficiente.
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  7. If you have big .flac audio file which include several CD tracks, sure you are interested to know how to split them and of course we are going to do it in Ubuntu Linux. This method it use .cue files, which usually comes with the .flac ones. First of all we need to install the following packages cuetools shntool flac. You can use Synaptic or this command in a terminal: $ sudo apt-get install cuetools shntool flac Now you can split the .flac audio file as follows: $ cuebreakpoints file.cue | shnsplit -o flac file.flac That's all. Now a little bit of theory, ... shnsplit is the program used to split tracks, while cuebreakpoints it reads the break-points from file.cue and pipe them to shnsplit.
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