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  1. David Heinemeier Hansson sobre especialistas vs generalistas, bastante en la línea de la persona T de Gabe Newell.
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  2. Muy de acuerdo con Raúl Hernández González. "En definitiva, esto no es más que un ejemplo de libro del funcionamiento de los mercados. Oferta y demanda, que se cruzan para alcanzar un equilibrio: el punto en el que aquello que ganan las dos partes y a lo que renuncian les parece bien."
    Tags: , por bianka (2013-07-23)
  3. Vía Harold Jarche he llegado a esta interesante y provocadora propuesta de categorizar personas y roles productivos en 4 grupos: Pensadores, Constructores, Mejoradores (esto suena mal, pero es «Improvers») y Productores. Cada persona sería una mezcla de estos 4 , con 2 dominantes.
    Tags: , por bianka (2013-05-05)
  4. Las políticas de orientación laboral aumentan las posibilidades de encontrar trabajo de aquellos que participan en los programas pero lo hacen a costa de aquellos que no participan. Un juego de suma cero.
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  8. While Mr. Thrun would not say how much employers pay, he characterized the fee as "significantly less than you'd pay for a headhunter, but significantly more than what you'd pay for access to LinkedIn," a popular social network for job hunters.

    Here's how it works: A participating employer is given a list of students who meet its requirements, usually the best-performing students in a certain geographic area. If the company is interested in one of those students, then Coursera sends an e-mail to the student asking whether he or she would be interested in being introduced to that company. The company pays a flat fee to Coursera for each introduction, and the college offering the course gets a percentage of that revenue, typically between 6 and 15 percent.

    Mr. Ng said that the largest source of revenue will probably come from selling certificates, rather than such matching. So far the company has not charged for certificates, but it plans to start doing so in the coming months.
    Tags: , , , por bianka (2012-12-06)
  9. «The new financial order will comprise members representing the largest new economy companies, as well as members of the investor class who survive the ongoing collapse of credibility of their home institutions. Political participation in the new order will come not from nation-states or provincial governments, but city/urban political systems.»

    «what I have labeled the obsolete class is actually the bulk of the mainstream economy that both Obama and Romney are currently fighting to keep alive on life support»

    »While the labor-entrepreneurs are going to flow in larger numbers through increasingly reliable and effective (and easier-to-navigate) acqui-hiring pipelines into large-company ecosystems, real entrepreneurship is going to shift to newly politicized arenas where nations and provinces have failed.»

    «The corruption patterns of the frontier days were transformed into the legitimate institutions of the later days. As a general rule in history, patterns of widespread corruption in an early part of an epoch represent the cowpaths that are eventually paved to form new institutions in the later path (or to put it another way, new institutions always first emerge to launder new money, which is always born dirty).»
    Tags: por bianka (2012-09-05)
  10. «acqui-hiring: startups that consciously develop products and services that make for exceptional acquisition properties for larger companies»

    «Entrepreneurship is three things: a set of business skills, a set of political skills, and a stash of hoarded unfair advantages, held in reserve for the right opportunity.»

    I have no numbers, but my sense is that true serial entrepreneurship is on the decline in relative terms. Professional investors today find it easier to groom fresh (and cheap) young hustlers by the dozen than to work with battle-scarred veterans
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