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  1. You can easily add your own data sources. Spouts (aka plugins) fetch the content from the different sources. Some spouts are included:

    * RSS Feeds
    * Images from a RSS Feed
    * Images from deviantArt Users
    * Images from tumblr
    * Your twitter timeline
    * Tweets of a twitter user
    * heise News
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  2. Minimalist shoes offer a useful design pattern for organization design. To the extent possible, institutions should be designed to be economically barefooted. This means, retaining as much information flow as possible around each individual transaction (or foot fall). You’ll pay more in overheads in the short time, but you’ll remain more economically alive and survive longer.

    But the function of any major structural adjustment, (such as the New Deal, Reagonomics or the French Revolution), whatever the underlying ideological motivation, is not (or should not be) to permanently get rid of the need for all thinking around individual transactions.
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  3. When other people know nothing beyond "what everyone says," be slow to ridicule their doubts.
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  4. -
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  5. PR is not only about your users. It’s also important for recruiting, fund raising, business development and even company morale.
  6. The basic gist is that students have pre-conceived notions that are wrong, and it is very hard to dislodge those mistaken notions. If you show them a video with an accurate explanation, the students will say that the video was clear and helpful, but they will misremember it as confirming their (mistaken) preconceived notions. In short, they won’t learn. In contrast, if you show them a video that starts by directly stating and then refuting their misconception, they like the video less and say it is confusing, but they actually learn more.
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  7. Las evidencias a favor del comercio justo, muy débiles.
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  8. Diferencias entre economía de conocimiento y economía de la información.
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  9. Llaman "free" a todo lo que es Creative Commons.
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