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  2. A huge list of frontend development resources I collected over time. Pull requests are welcome. Website coming soon.
    Tags: por jose (2014-01-26)
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  4. Se filtran las instrucciones de al qaeda del magreb islámico para evitar ser detectados por drones de vigilancia.
    Tags: , , , , por jose (2013-02-22)
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  6. According to Android developer and author Maximiliano Firtman, he just got official confirmation that KitKat “… doesn’t ship with any browser, just the WebView. The emulator has it but not real devices. It’s up to each vendor to create a browser app using the WebView (such as Samsung) or to get license to preinstall Chrome.”
    Tags: , , , por jose (2013-11-24)
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  9. Perhaps Piketty is guilty of coming to some fairly grand conclusions based on data that has not yet received all that much scrutiny.


    However, I think Giles (and some of the commentary surrounding his work) could do a better job of describing Piketty’s error rate relative to the overall volume of data that was examined. If Giles scrutinized all of Piketty’s data and found a handful of errors, that would be very different from taking a small subsample of that data and finding it rife with mistakes.
    Tags: , por jose (2014-05-28)

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